Sunday, 27 June 2010


Discharged from an unwanted war
returning to see his friend
for this man the times had changed
coming here could be his end.

Arriving in a small populated Town
finding out his friend had died
all he wanted was a place to stay
no matter how hard he tried.

Met by a biased cop
too big for his boots and badge
he took him for a vagrant
he thought he was there to cadge.

But the guy came back to Town
and was arrested for not passing through
handcuffed and beaten badly
by a twisted Police crew.

He had to fight back
taking on the cops one by one
he escaped the jail and ran
into the midday sun.

Deep into the forest
he was chased by the raging guys
the forest would be his safety
an element of surprise.

Soon it became a bloodbath
cops were dropping like flies
they had to call in the cadets
after failing to catch their prize.

Death and destruction followed
it was too late for the Town
eventually the guy gave up
as the Sheriff gave a frown.

Guess the movie time again folks, I think this one is easy, go on have a go, as per usual all correct entries will be posted later today, enjoy :)

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