Saturday, 19 June 2010


Holding the Sun

Dawn breaks
misty skies develop
the sun rises
scorching through
clouds breaking as fast
as they are created.

Nothing can stop
the heat baking
the naked body
uncovered like the
very day you were born.

Protection is a must
defences are low
allowing aliens
to engulf your soul
which never can heal.

Illegal cells culminate
in a frenzy of takeover
nothing can stop them
even trying hard
perhaps its too late.

Children should be safe
the rays are tempting
happiness in abundance
playing in its comfort
of deadly acceptance.

We all love the SUN it warms us and it feeds us, but as we love it, our bodies must be protected from it, It is tempting to go naked with modesty but we do not really realize how much danger it is, so be careful, statistics show a high percentage of humans are being subjected to SKIN CANCER, its from our natural resource our sun, enjoy it responsibly, cover up, dont sit in it too long and be safe :)

Are YOU responsible in the sun??

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