Tuesday, 8 June 2010


When we trust we open our heart
defenceless it stands alone
no barrier or fence erected
for an attack it is thus prone.

When we  love we feel the pain
of  heartache , loneliness, despair
it takes strength to move along
then we notice life isn't fair.

When cut we will all bleed
and the wound it will be healed
 but can your heart ever mend
when hurt is openly revealed?

Desperate we will cling on
to whatever shards remain
in hope things may improve
bring sunshine from the rain.

Like fallout from a bomb
your engulfed in a sea of smoke
flying debris picking you of
turning into a badly written joke.

Then the building will begin
years will fade into bad memories
when looking back on the days you suffered
skies turn blue smothering the greys.

Torn hearts will recover
love will beat a melodious tune
birds will sing in harmonious duets
in the lovely month of June.

Wow when love goes sour it hits you like a hammer, full impact, we have all been there, right? this is fiction and bears no resemblance on my life lol, just felt like writing about it, we can write forever on the subject..

Have you had heartache in your life??

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