Friday, 18 June 2010


You get that Friday feeling
when you get out of bed
you know its nearly the weekend
soon the week is dead

You watch the clock
ticking away
hoping soon 
its the end of the day.

Driving home
you start to sing
happiness engulfing you
the bells that ring.

Planning your weekend
what will you do?
stay at home and relax
or dance the weekend through!

Relax and watch a movie
open a can of beer
have some fun on twitter
smile and have a cheer.

Whatever you decide
its YOUR own free time
you have a while to ponder
that is never a crime!!

Here we go once again the weekend is here, a time to hang up your hard hat and enjoy, everyone enjoys the weekend differently but I am sure you will all agree, its great to get a rest :)

What do YOU do at weekend :)

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