Sunday, 13 June 2010


What about the time at school?
BOISTEROUS we would be
remember pulling down your shorts
for all the girls to see?

Life was easy often sweet
SIMPLE never a drag
even when you tried to pinch
Old Mrs. Harding's bag!

P.E came once a week
great on a HOT summers day
playing football, tennis too
what more can I say.

When it came to lunchtime
we got a SUPER meal
I'm sure they looked for bargains
or a Butcher to cut a deal.

Always we were BOMBARDED
with vegetables every day
cabbage coming out our ears
faces turning grey.

Great memories of days gone by
being cheeky to the Jannie
making sure you could run.

LOL what fun we had as kids, school days were the best, playing pranks, harmless fun, had by all...

What naughty things did YOU do at school?

Jannie= Janitor :)

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