Monday, 14 June 2010


Life seemed ok for now
finances were getting low
something had to be done
or the farm would have to go.

He started drinking early on
the bottle changed his mind
the only thing he wanted was money
any he could find.

She kept them all together
as much as she could
instead of using fuel
she cut down trees for wood.

Their daughter knew the score
she was not easily fooled
at fourteen she had to work
because her father ruled

As things grew very tight
the mother got another job
to keep the roof over their heads
and feed her lazy slob!

She worked for an affluent lady
cleaning her house by day
the money would come in handy
she wanted to get away.

The lady was bossy and strict
nothing got past her sight
arguing most of the time
whether it be day or night.

The husband was cold and abusive
he called her many a name
as well as abusing their daughter
he never showed any shame.

When the mother found out
she pledged to avenge her daughter
plotted to kill her husband
by any means of slaughter.

Her plan worked that day
when the sun was to eclipse
she found an old barren well
whilst her hubby smacked his lips.

He fell into the well
and died as she had planned
Police had searched for hours
covering much of the land.

The lady she worked for was ill
contracted a fatal disease
even when she worked her fingers off
she could never please.

Then one day her employer died
leaving her money to spend
the life of this hardened lady
was too much to comprehend.

Here we go agian folks guess the movie time, this is one of my old time favs, the movie was superb, it was run on British TV a few nights ago, as always the correct answers will be posted last thing at night.


Please note the picture and the title hold a clue however it does not relate to the Movie title :)

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