Sunday, 30 May 2010


I brought you into this world
I saw you cut your first tooth
you fell and I bandaged your knee
I taught you to tell the truth.

I was there when you started at school
shared your tears as you lost at the games
you came to me whenever you were sad
I was able to save you from the flames.

When your boyfriend dumped you I was there
I helped you nurture your child
drove you wherever you wanted to go
even though the weather was wild.

But now I am stricken with pain
at the way you have treated me
I am your mother your best friend
this is how I want it to be.

My Grandchildren I adore and cherish
they are everything in my life
but now you want to punish me
cause me heartache pain and strife.

Just remember someday you will be old
and look back at all you have done
your a Mother now just as I am
not to be used and dumped for fun.

I wrote this poem a while back, a friend was being abused by her daughter, sadly this was very real, she told us all about it and I wrote this poem, there are millions of abused elderly people out there who cannot bear it, cannot report it because they are too embarrassed being in the position in the first place.

Do you know any elderly person who has gone through the above??

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