Saturday, 8 May 2010


Its as stressful as anything in life
when you pack your wares to go
it doesn't matter how long you take
the time it goes so slow.

Where did all this stuff come from?
I haven't seen that for years
things that you store are ridiculous
it drives you close to tears.

The boxes are piling high
you have no idea when it will end
lets have another cuppa for now
and allow our backs to mend!

The day has finally come
you are living out of a tin
did I pack the kitchen sink?
no its in the bin!

When you reach your destination
its time to unpack your gear
its like being on a speedy merrygoround
hope I get finished this year!

But when you are finally settled
and you think back to those hectic days
when you didn't know your !"ss from your elbow
and you felt you were running in a maze!

Its very stressful moving home lol, u virtually live out of a box for a long time, and even months after you find things u forgot you had, lol, enjoy, a part of SHAKIRA'S FUNNY WEEKEND MEME

What do you find the most traumatic?

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