Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Killed by a man she admired
her heart was in the right place
all she wanted was recognition
to be able to have her own space.

Waking up in a time
when felines gathered at her
she awoke to the smell of animals
four legged and dawned in fur.

Her life began to change
when she saw things in a different way
her boss still stood at her angrily
never listening to what she would say.

Then one day she said it how it was
and was told to pack her things
although her friends admired that
she wishd she had gained wings.

Walking along the narrow streets
dogs would bark at her
she hissed and growled back at them
her mind began to alter.

Her powers were not of this Earth
she could do things like never before
she was an ace at basketball
and was soon the talent on the floor.

Then she began to help the repressed
criminals would tire of her work
they were hopless when she was around
she was there when they tried to lurk.

Guess the movie time again folks, I think I have made it too easy so I expect lots of correct entries this week lol, go on give it a try, the clues are always there...

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