Saturday, 19 December 2009


He pokes his nose out of the partly opened door
before deciding if he will go out or not
if he does he must be rewarded
by buscuits or whatever you have got!

He's a canny hunter with reflexes of steel
can spot anything for miles around
except for the rats in the"hidey hole"
he ignores their scratching sound.

Barking at small animals, making his mark
he will judge who or what he will see
and his home is a luxury forest for dogs
casting his scent on many a tree.

His mistress is around he senses her
by having the odd look around
so never mistake this intelligent dog
his importance is on what he has found...

This poem is dedicated to Uriah, we hear of him in many of Gerardines stories in fact he has become very familiar, on reading Gerardines stories I came up with this poem because as I see it, this matches him to a T...

Does your pet do funny things? tell us what you are proud of??